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Loropetalum 'GrifCRL' (aka: Little Rose Dawn)

Lots of petals on the Loropetalums

Our extensive collection of loropetalums are looking great this spring. Loropetalum ‘GrifCRL‘, marketed as Little Rose Dawn, is especially stunning this week. The main problem with loropetalums is that when people plant them, either they don’t pay attention to the mature sizes, or they believe the lies that persist on far too many nursery plant

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The Season of White

With what seems to be an endless array of Hydrangea paniculata cultivars entering the market, July has turned the garden into a snow white scene. The Asian Hydrangea paniculata was first published as a new species in 1829, but was not grown in the Americas until Arnold Arboretum director, Charles Sargent brought back seed from

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