Lots of petals on the Loropetalums

Our extensive collection of loropetalums are looking great this spring. Loropetalum ‘GrifCRL‘, marketed as Little Rose Dawn, is especially stunning this week. The main problem with loropetalums is that when people plant them, either they don’t pay attention to the mature sizes, or they believe the lies that persist on far too many nursery plant tags. They consequently plant them in the wrong place and then ruin their appearance and health by whipping out the hedge shears. Unless you’re a topiary artist, please put down the hedge shears and back away from your shrubs. Instead, grab a shovel and move the plant to the proper location. Little Rose Dawn Loropetalum is incredible in flower, but it’s marketed as maturing at 10′ tall x 10′ wide, and our 17-year-old specimen is now 18′ tall x 18′ wide.

Loropetalum ‘GrifCRL‘ (aka: Little Rose Dawn)

2 thoughts on “Lots of petals on the Loropetalums”

  1. My spouse loves to get out his electric hedge trimmer and work in the yard. He is banned from cutting any shrub except the Loropetalum! They grow so fast, he can trim several times in the summer when he gets a bee in his bonnet to trim!

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