native insects

Florida Predatory Stink Bugs

We don’t need no stinking bugs…or do we?

We were fortunate to catch this beautiful colony of our native Florida predatory stink bugs (Euthyrhynchus floridanus), just hatching on a damaged maple in the garden. While most folks hate the idea of stink bugs, these natives (NC to Florida) are actually beneficial in the garden. They assist by consuming a variety of damaging beetles,

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Dinner Jackets

This week, we fielded a call from our garden staff that there were large yellow jacket (Vespula maculifrons) nests in several arborvitae near where they were working. Knowing how aggressive and toxic the stings of these native vespid wasps can be for humans, they had requested help in getting the nests eliminated. When Patrick arrived

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Time to Eat your Greens

We stumbled on this convention (or orgy) of the native green June beetles recently. We’ve long been fascinated with this amazing type of scarab beetle. They really don’t cause any significant garden damage…unless your garden is seriously stressed and you’re slow to pick your soft, sweet fruit like ripe figs. In June and July, the

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