The Allure of Aromi’s

Our collection of the native deciduous azalea hybrids, bred by the late Dr. Gene Aromi, of Mobile Alabama, is almost in full flower. Dr. Aromi was a professor at the University of South Alabama, who liked azaleas so much, he taught himself how to make crosses. During his lifetime, he named over 108 azaleas, many of which are just finally starting to get out in the trade. We love them for their vigor and amazing heat tolerance. Below is the stunning cultivar, Rhododendron ‘Jane’s Gold’ in the garden today.

Rhododendron ‘Jane’s Gold’

3 thoughts on “The Allure of Aromi’s”

  1. Thursday, 4/20/23. 1) Your 4/20 post just above started out OK, and the Aromi is beautiful…no surprise. It was surprising to see the insert just above this space note “2011” catalogs. Wanted to mention that to you.
    For 20 years I was an active supporter of and advocate for the JLBG by bringing new folks with me to your sales at least twice a year…and purchasing as I could w/ my modest retirement funds. My biggest contribution to Plant Delights was to introduce Karen Lilleleht, of Charlottesville, to you many years ago! Until her death, a while back, she and her late husband, UVA professor Lembit Lilleleht, regularly visited me for a week twice a year, primarily to shop at two of your sales!! Smile. At 84, I have since become housebound. Have not gotten your catalog recently. Would surely enjoy them again…and could perhaps continue to “visit” with a few mail orders, which I’ve never done. Many thanks for your assistance w/ this request. Special Hello to Jeremy. –Ginny Lawler

  2. Virginia Lawler--(919-833-5779)

    Thanks for your reply! I’ll be Very Glad to see the catalog! Always kept 3 issues on file…only ’19, ’20 and ’21 now! Had picked it up regularly at your wonderful Open Houses. Often to share w/ special friends here–or to mail on to others in CA, IL, MD and VA. All had expressed intent to request for themselves and did…just needed a little nudge. P.S. Best Wishes for 30 more!!

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