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We all flock to the Internet to find information about plants, but not all information sources are created equal. Without question, the finest source of information about woody plants for researchers and plant geeks is Trees and Shrubs Online. What started as an effort to digitize one of the worlds best woody plant books, W.J. Bean’s, 1914 classic, Trees and Shrubs Hardy in the British Isles, has taken on a life of its own. William Jackson Bean (1863-1947) of Kew Gardens, was a superb plantsman, and writer with a particular interest in woody plants.

The book was updated several times through the years, until the 1970s, with a supplement in 1988, but nothing in recent years, as the influx of new woody plants continued to grow. In 2017, The International Dendrology Society took on the project as a major, free-access, on-line update encompassing all woody plants of the temperate world. This project is now overseen by retired Kew Head of Gardens, Tony Kirkham, with our friend, Dr. John Grimshaw, as Editor-in-Chief. John merged his, (and co-author Ross Bayton’s) 2009 book, New Trees, into the project.

The site currently contains over 14,000 articles and over 20,000 images. Yearly usage is nearly 500,000 people. You’ll see a number of references and images on the site to both JLBG and the JC Raulston Arboretum. Completing the project depends on support from those who are passionate about trees and other woody plants. In fact, you can help by financially adopting a plant genus. To do so, you can contact the project at

John Grimshaw

The genera and genera sections that have been completed so far, are listed below.

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