You’re Invited to our Fall Open Nursery and Garden at PDN/JLBG

This weekend and next is time for our final open nursery and garden for 2016, so we hope you’ll join us for a celebration of the amazing plants that make fall in the garden such a wonderful time. The dates are Sept 9-11 and Sept 16-18.  We’re open 8-5 on Friday and Saturday,  and 1-5pm on Sunday.


Fall is also a great time to pick up some new perennials for the wonderful fall planting season.  We’re still shipping, but there’s nothing quite like picking up your plants in person. The greenhouses are stocked and we’ve got an incredible array of specimens for you to choose from, and gardening experts to help you make the correct choices.

2016-9249-ghse-12-rockery-toward-south 2016-9249-mt-michelle-border-toward-south

By choosing some of the rarer perennials we have to offer, you are also helping to preserve those species in the face of climate change…a great service!


Pick out your favorite spot in the garden and duplicate it at your home.


Last chance to enjoy the amazing containerized agave show before they move inside for the winter.


We look forward to your visit and hope you’ll be able to allow enough time to stroll the expansive gardens and nursery.  Be sure to tell all your friends to come and join you…see you soon!

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