An explosion of perennial salvias

Salvia Amistad6


The garden is ablaze with perennial salvias now, including several with blue or near blue flowers.  Above is Salvia ‘Amistad’…a flowering machine that continues at the same pace all summer.  Unlike Salvia guaranitca, Salvia ‘Amistad’ does not spread via rhizomes, although it does form a wide clump.

Saliva guaranitica Argentina Skies with bumblebee

and here is Salvia guaranitica ‘Argentina Skies‘…a much lighter blue that does make a large patch due to its spreading nature.  Both plants are a feast for the bees.

3 thoughts on “An explosion of perennial salvias”

  1. Love that you are one of the few to correctly sell as ‘ Argentina Skies’, the name Charles Cresson gave the plant, rather than the usual, erronious, ‘Argentine Skies’.

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