Austin City Limits

Here’s a recent view from our home drive. The amazing fern patch, growing in full baking sun, is a selection of the US native Lindheimer’s maiden fern, Thelypteris ovata var. lindheimeri, which we collected a couple of decades ago, near Austin Texas, and subsequently named Thelypteris ‘Austin City Limits’. For the sake of full disclosure, recent DNA studies have moved this into a new genus, Pelazoneuron ovata, but we’ll wait a few years before making the switch.

Although it grows okay in light shade, it thrives in bright sun, in conditions that most folks struggle to associate with ferns. This 20′ wide patch was planted as single bare root divisions just over three years ago. We introduced this through Plant Delights in 2003, and every year, the sales are miserable. We’re not sure how to get the word out about what an amazing plant this is, but if you have a sunny garden, and you’d like a deer-resistant, weed-choking patch of ferns, we hope you’ll give this a try in your home garden.

Thelypteris ovata var. lindheimeri ‘Austin City Limits’

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    1. We only wish he had full control of those annoying overhead costs, since we operate as a break even business.

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