Sweet Carolyn…a Diamond in the Rough

As gardeners, we have a slightly different take on the words from Neil Diamond’s popular oldie of the same name. As Diamond writes;

Where it began, I can’t begin to know when
But then I know it’s growin’ strong
Was in the spring, and spring became the summer
Who’d have believe you’d come along?

In our case, we listen to the words and think of our love for Sinningia ‘Carolyn’, a fabulous hardy gesneriad, we’ve planted around our home patio, since it’s the perfect hummingbird magnet. The long tubular pink flowers with a delicious sweet fragrance, start for us in early June, and continue through much of the summer. The key to success is bright, full sun, and average to slightly dry soils. This selection doesn’t run nearly as much as its parent, the faster spreading Sinningia tubiflora.

Sinningia ‘Carolyn’

3 thoughts on “Sweet Carolyn…a Diamond in the Rough”

  1. I have the Sinnigia Arkansas Bells and is doing great even in this dreadful heat and drought. As your website says it’s an “amazing flowering machine”!

  2. Debbie O'Donnell

    Interesting. In the ground. Here in NW Alabama. Florence. 7a or b🫣. I have kept its kin in a pot. I think it is Banan Fosters? Tired of moving in and out of the garage. In the ground soon with fingers crossed
    My hummers like it when it is early bloom- garage over wintered. But will pass it by in the summer for other treats.
    Wish mine was pink

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