Bletilla – The Friendship Orchid

While many of us grow hardy orchids, there aren’t many that grow so well you can share plants with your garden friends. Bletillas aren’t just one of the easiest orchids to grow, they’re also one of the most vigorous. Below are our field production beds now, before plants are dug and potted. Many sites still recommend bletillas for the shade garden, but only put them there if you don’t want them to grow. We grow ours in at least 6 hours of sun, where, as you can see, they thrive and put on a far better floral show. Here, our compost amended beds stay on the average to dry side. Hardiness Zone 6a-9b, at least.

Bletilla striata cultivars

3 thoughts on “Bletilla – The Friendship Orchid”

  1. Based on your description, I assume these would NOT do well in a bog garden suitable for Sarracenia.

    1. Actually, we have trialed them in bogs with sarracenias, where they have thrived for over a decade.

  2. Sandy Erskine Morgan

    My bletilla are in shade though get quite a bit of sun when leaves are off surrounding trees in winter. They didn’t flower 1st 2 years so thought would have to move them. Thankfully flowered 3rd year…sleep, creep, leap

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