Speculation about Iris

In flower this week at JLBG is the little-known, Iris speculatrix, known as Hong Kong Iris. Iris are one our specialty collections and this small, evergreen species from China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong, tops out at a mere 1′ tall. The specific epithet (second part of the Latin name) means “to observe”. It is related to the equally little-known, Iris henryi, koreana, minutoaurea, and odaesinensis. Iris speculatrix, which is endangered in Hong Kong, is so odd, that some taxonomic splitters moved it into a completely different genus, Zhaoanthus. Fortunately, the taxonomic community at large didn’t accept the change.

Iris speculatrix
Iris speculatrix

2 thoughts on “Speculation about Iris”

    1. We have ours planted in both full and part day sun, but have not tried it in the crevice garden.

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