bloomin’ Ice n’ Roses

The Helleborus x gladorfensis hybrids, known as the “Ice n’ Roses” series have begun with the opening of Helleborus ‘Ice n’ Roses Barolo’. This is the earlies flowering and darkest clone in the series…just a shade darker than H. ‘Ice n’ Roses Red’. These are sterile hybrids derived from crossed of Helleborus niger with Helleborus x hybridus. Winter hardiness is Zone 5a-8b.

Helleborus x glandorfensis ‘Ice n’ Roses Barolo’

5 thoughts on “bloomin’ Ice n’ Roses”

  1. So beautiful! I wish mine would bloom. Here in zone 9 Houston, I have beautiful plants but no blooms for at least the last 3 years – even after last years hard freeze.

      1. I have a white spotted lady little one, a winter’s bliss, a ice breaker max, a pink marble and an ivory prince. Thx in advance for your help. Debby

  2. I have a white spotted lady, a winters bliss, an ice breaker max, a pink marble and an ivory prince. thanks in advance.

    1. Spotted Lady is a selection of Helleborus x hybridus. We rate these as good to Zone 8b, so we would not expect them to flower in Zone 9 Houston. Helleborus ‘Winter Bliss’, ‘Ivory Prince’ and ‘Ice Breaker Max’ are also Zone 8b plants, so are most likely never going to flower in Zone 9. Helleborus ‘Pink Marble’, however, is the one you mention that should flower well in Houston, but it does not like shade. This must be planted where it will get 2-3 hours of morning sun. It is so important to pay attention to both zones when you are purchasing plants…i.e. Zone 5b-8b. The first number tells you how far north it will perform, and the second number tells you how far south it will perform. Sadly, some nurseries that don’t really care about customer success in warmer zones and only give you a single number, which is rather worthless to gardeners who are conccerned about heat tolerance. Hope this helps.

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