Carex ‘Everillo’ in flower

Carex oshimensis Everillo in flower


We’ve raved about the gold-foliaged, evergreen Carex oshimensis ‘Everillo’, but always for the foliage. Today, we want to rave about its amazing floral show.  Here are photos from the garden taken yesterday as it sports its late-winter flowers.  We trim the old foliage back to better enjoy the show

8 thoughts on “Carex ‘Everillo’ in flower”

  1. Taimi Anderson

    Everillo is the star in my garden, made it through the coldest winter temperatures without losing its cool – meaning it handsome golden chartreuse foliage, now the dark flowers are dramatic.
    One of the best and brightest of all the sedges in my garden!
    Taimi Anderson

  2. I bought one of these Everillo sedges from you last year, and it has become one of my very favorite garden plants. Totally carefree, THRIVING, never has been nibbled by any sort of beast, and draws attention from far away without being garish. On top of everything else about it, love how it adds movement to the garden when there’s a breeze, but unlike other grasses, doesn’t go dormant brown in winter.

    Liked it so much, I bought another at your open house a week ago.

  3. The BEST shade grass ever in my zone 8b garden. I have a ribbon of them winding through along shade border, and they look consistently good ALL year long…particularly in the winter when a lot of things are dormant or slightly tired looking.

  4. Darla Anderson

    Didn’t realize it bloomed. Such a cool plant. I have two- one in NO VA and one at the beach in Emerald Isle. Will have to check for blooms. Do I have to cut them back to get the blooms?

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