Helleborus lividus in flower

Helleborus lividus clump in flower


We love the little-known Helleborus lividus, so here’s a photo of one of our clumps in the gardens today. Unlike most better known lenten roses, this amazing Spanish native loves heat and sun.  Helleborus lividus isn’t hardy north of Zone 7b, and without summer heat, it looses even more winter hardiness.  This is a gem for the deep south, but also makes a great container specimen for those in colder climates.


2 thoughts on “Helleborus lividus in flower”

  1. Maggie Labouisse

    Wow!! I never had anything but green flowers on mine in my old garden in Midtown Atlanta! Is this the species or a named type? (I’m afraid to use the word “variety” or “cultivar” because I don’t know the current terminology!)
    If you have more than one “one-plant drift” of lividus, could you show the flowers on the other ones?
    I’m now in Canton GA, where 7a and 7b overlap, depending on the weather for the year!
    Thanks, Tony.

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