Curvy Mountain Mint

Gardeners interesting in attracting pollinators to the garden have no doubt experimented with one of the 20 native species of Pycnanthemum (mountain mint). While they are all lovely, most are too vigorously spreading to fit in a typical home garden. Enter Pycnanthemum flexuosum…the curvy mountain mint, is native from Virginia to Alabama, where it is found on moist to damp sites. This tightly clumping species is absolutely perfect for the garden, flowering now in July. This is our collection from Beaufort County, NC. We’ll be propagating this selection for a future PDN catalog. Hardiness is Zone 5-9a.

Curvy Mountain Mint

7 thoughts on “Curvy Mountain Mint”

  1. I have a “regular” mountain mint which does spread and requires much weeding to keep in check. I discovered it as a landscape element of one of the federal buildings in Washington, DC. It reminds me of the old-fashioned “snow on the mountain” plant that everyone had in their gardens ages ago. This variety is a magnet for pollinators.

  2. Do you know why it is called “curvy” mountain mint? Would love to buy a mountain mint from you all that would be a better neighbor in the garden.

  3. Zachary Matteen

    Is this form a little shorter than the typical species? I love all mountain mints, rampant or not, so bring them on!

  4. I live in the woods on 20+ acres. Deer are frequent diners. There is a natural 2-acre area that is completely encircled by our driveway. Is this a spot where old-fashioned run-amok mint is appropriate?

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