Cyclamen hederifolium in the winter garden

Cyclamen hederifolium Hansen's Fancy Leaves foliage

I just snapped this image of Cyclamen hederifolium in the garden this morning…only a couple of days removed from a low of 12 degrees F.  These are so wonderful in the woodland winter garden.  Be sure to plant cyclamen where they will stay fairly dry in the late spring and summer when they are dormant.  Planting Cyclamen hederifolium right at the base of trees or shrubs works great!

4 thoughts on “Cyclamen hederifolium in the winter garden”

  1. Maggie Labouisse

    They’re so beautiful when they’re happy. I had to leave them behind when we moved, along with everything else in my 30-year garden, at least half of which was dormant mid-June, 2010. It broke my heart, because not only can I not afford to replace them right now, I’m still unable to garden at all. I’ve lately become obsessed by the thought that, if I ever AM able to start any again I won’t live to see them “grow up” — a sentiment my grandmother, who was 70 when I was born, often expressed. And knowing that the person who bought my house would dig them up dormant and throw them away without knowing what they were makes it even more painful!

  2. Will there be Plants available for purchase January 25 at Hardy Plant Lecture in Swarthmore? Or at least some catalogs. I need to replace my cyclamen which were list to voles. Thanks.

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