New plants for 2015 – Lilies

Lilium davidii Lite Lunch2 (63912).cc

We’ve been lily fans for quite a while, and have spent decades collecting unique lilies that are quite different from the short, stiff Asiatic lilies that are so prevalent in box stores. Our 2015 introduction,  Lilium davidii ‘Lite Lunch’ came from a former staffer, David Lee, who purchased this lily bulb for lunch from a Chinese grocery store on his way to work in 2001.  Well, we talked him out of the bulb and subsequently planted it in the garden, to be shocked when it turned out to be the best and most compact form of Lilium davidii that we’d ever grown.  After nearly a decade, we gave it a name and finally have enough to share.

Lilium Springville12 (63911).cc

Another gem is Lilium ‘Springville‘.  This amazing lily was discovered by native plant experts Richard and Russell of Alabama Nursery.  It turned out to be a natural hybrid of two native species, Lilium canadense and Lilium michiganense. Lilium ‘Springville’ has been an amazing lily in our trials…seen here in a photo we took last June.  We are thrilled to finally introduce this to a worldwide audience.

2 thoughts on “New plants for 2015 – Lilies”

  1. your blog leaves
    things unsaid. When are you going to tell us about the test plant resulting from crossing these two gems if possible. “Lite Lunch” is a great name but “Springville” is not Try something musical.
    they are beautiful

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