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Arum ‘Chui’, a purported hybrid between Arum italicum (unspotted flowers) and Arum dioscoridis (heavily spotted flowers), is hard to miss as it puts on it’s early spring flowering show. Bothe leaves and inflorescences are heavily spotted on this excellent selection. This gem comes from UK plantsman extraordinaire, John Grimshaw. We’ll probably be chopping into our clump later this spring, in the hopes of getting this in nursey production.

Arum ‘Chui’

4 thoughts on “Easy to Spot”

  1. Hopefully it will behave itself and not be a noxious weed in the Pacific Northwest like it’s parent Arum Italicum

    1. Arum italicum is the only species we’ve ever found to seed in the garden when the seed are not removed. We have looked for scientific research papers about the supposed invasiveness of Arum italicum in natural ecosystems, but have found nothing other than the oft repeated non-scientific claims that it chokes out native plants and poisons natural organisms. Which native plants does it choke out and what wildlife does it poison. So many oft repeated claims have no basis in science, so please let us know if you ever see such a publication. There’s no doubt Arum italicum can seed into such a habitat if its planted nearby, but we’ve never seen any animals disburse the seed. The other claims are dubious until we see scientific research Thanks.

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