Euphorbias..much more than poinsettas.

Euphorbia corollata Carolina Snow3

One of my favorite euphorbias is the widespread US native, the deciduous Euphorbia corollata, which flowers for month in the garden.  Here is our garden clump today…resembling a baby’s breath, but much more tolerant of humid summers.

Euphorbia Ancot Rainbow foliage5And for something completely different, here is the evergreen Euphorbia x martinii ‘Ascot Rainbow’ in the garden today.  It flowers in early spring with unique variegated flowers.


2 thoughts on “Euphorbias..much more than poinsettas.”

  1. My planting of ‘Ascot Rainbow’ looked pretty ragged after the severe winter we had here in Arlington, VA; however, it bloomed gloriously with the tulips putting on quite a show!

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