Two Amazing Years

Anita on patioAnita and I just celebrated our 2nd anniversary this week…two years that have flown by. My world has been opened to so many things I never knew existed before we were married, and the learning is only just beginning. I still can’t believe I’m blessed to have such an amazing person with which to share my life…ain’t life grand!


17 thoughts on “Two Amazing Years”

  1. Donna Primozich

    So nice!
    Does she let you store your Voo Doo lily tubers in your underwear drawer?
    Had a great time in your gardens this past convention! Lilies doing fine here in Maine.
    Donna P.

  2. Congratulations, Tony and Anita!
    I can’t begin to tell you how much I enjoy your blog and photography. I didn’t discover it until your talk in Houston for Mercer last year. May the coming years bless you both in your marriage and your plant endeavors.

  3. How sweet. Read mostly for plant info but this hope for “old people” and new relationships is very timely and mugh needed. Happy anniversary.

  4. Tony and Anita,
    I wish you all good things, now and forever!
    The chances of meeting someone you can love and cherish later in life, in the specialized areas of your interests are not that great, and when it happens, life changes in unimaginably good ways. I met Fritz when I was 55, music and gardening were the binding interests for us both , and we founded an orchestra, got married, play music together, and…well, I don’t want to steal your words!
    Happy Anniversary to you both…
    Laura Tutino Sonnichsen

  5. Nobody deserves it more than both of you! I well remember your telling me about Anita two years and a week ago! Can’t wait to meet her in November (hope you’ll be there around the time of the NARGS meeting!)…Congrats!

  6. Congratulations. Hank and I just celebrated 20 years of marriage and 19 years of having our nursery. Gardening together is the best.

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