Genetic variability is the spice of life!

One of our goals at Juniper Level Botanic Garden is to secure a wide diversity of species and, where possible, a wide range of genetic material for each species. Our specialty collections focus on preserving genetic germplasm through ex-situ conservation, scientific and taxonomic research, plant breeding, and sharing of unique, native, and rare perennials. Here is one small example of the genetic variability within the species Trillium ludovicianum, from the garden this week.

Trillium ludovicianum ‘Lean and Green’

JLBG believes propagation and widespread sharing of all plants, and especially those which are rare in their native habitat, is the best way to preserve those genetics in the face of constant climate change. By making our plants widely available, JLBG hopes to increase the genetic diversity of ornamental gardens and reduce collecting pressures on native plant populations. JLBG also works to clarify nomenclature issues in the horticulture industry by assembling complete collections of specific plant groups. We hope you will explore our trillium specialty collection and join us in supporting our continued research into these amazing plants.

Trillium ludovicianum PDN #38 (‘Bentley’ a)

1 thought on “Genetic variability is the spice of life!”

  1. Bought on of these from you all two years ago. last year it did not reappear, but it is up this year, with double stems! I am hoping it will bloom, so i can compare with these photos. I have so many T. cuneatums that i am seeing lots of differences in them. Some came from Randleman Dam rescue, others from a place in downtown WS. Then a place off I-40 near Finch Farm Rd. hey do well here in the northwest Guilford Co., but T. catsbaei does not, alhough it is found around here. Diversity in soils?

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