You’re a good sport!

The other morning when pulling into the parking lot at work, I noticed a broad leafed evergreen tree, growing on the edge of Tony and Anita’s private garden, that had a bright yellow spot near the top. Upon closer inspection, it turned out to be a bright gold-leaf branch sport on Machilus thunbergii ‘Ulleung Island’. Machilus is an evergreen tree from eastern Asia that is in the laurel family, Lauraceae, and related to avocado.

Machilus thunbergii ‘Ulleung Island’ with gold branch sport

I showed this to Tony and he had the garden crew take cuttings with a pole saw and deliver them to the propagation shed to get the cuttings stuck. They were able to get about 8 cuttings and hopefully they will root. Once rooted, we will trial these in the garden and further evaluate their future garden potential.

Gold-leaf branch sport cuttings from Machilus thunbergii ‘Ulleung Island’

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  1. Thanks for the article. I always find it fascinating that a genetic anomaly could possibly lead to a new variety.

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