Gold Farkle

One of our treasured finds from a recent botanizing trip in East Texas with plantsmen Adam Black and Wade Roitsch (Yucca Do), was a gold-foliaged Vaccinium arboreum (farkleberry). The parent plant was 30-40′ tall, but there were plenty of root suckers from a recent road grading. This could turn out to be a wonderfully exciting new native edimental.

3 thoughts on “Gold Farkle”

  1. I am curious to learn if this gets any fall or winter color change, and if it holds onto its leaves or they are deciduous. As pictured, the gold foliage is gorgeous, especially with the reddish small twigs. Deer resistance? You referred to this as a possible edimental; is it edible for humans, or just wildlife?

    1. Typically Vaccinium arboretum gets some red fall color, and yes, the foliage is evergreen. Most folks don’t find farkleberry particularly tasty after eating commercial blueberries, so they are usually left for wildlife. In most areas, vaccinium is considered highly deer resistant.

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