Lophiola who?

The native Lophiola aurea put on a lovely show in the garden this spring. Thanks to Patrick McMillan for introducing me to this little-grown, lowland bog endemic that has a bizarrely scattered range in a few coastal sites from Nova Scotia south to Florida. We have ours growing with pitcher plants, where it has thrived. We’d love to propagate this, but am not sure anyone would purchase it. Thoughts?

Lophiola aurea

6 thoughts on “Lophiola who?”

  1. Why not? A cute bloom. Perhaps market it with other companion plants. What pollinators does it draw? Can it be used as a restoration plant?

    It looks like it is easily transplanted.

    1. Bees seem to be the primary pollinator. It doesn’t seem difficult to transplant, but we need to run a few more trials. It certainly wouldn’t be dominant in a wetland restoration, but could certainly be a part of a larger community.

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