The Horticulturist behind Amazon’s Garden Workspace

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We couldn’t be happier for Raleigh native, and former Plant Delights staffer, Ron Gagliardo, who manages the new Amazon HQ Rainforest. We’ve known Ron since he was a young teen, tissue-culturing carnivorous plants in his parents home near the State Fairgrounds.  It’s so great to see him getting so much recognition in his role as Amazon’s “green” celebrity.  Congratulations Ron!  Below are a couple of articles about his amazing work.



2 thoughts on “The Horticulturist behind Amazon’s Garden Workspace”

  1. And, it was so much fun to see the piece about Ron on TV, too! Amazing project and so glad you passed this on. Thanks, Tony!

  2. I bought carnivorous plants from Ron when he had his first greenhouse at his parents house, maybe 20 yrs. ago? How great to see what he’s up to now and what a dream job, gardening with unlimited funds! Hope there are lots of your plants living at Amazon Tony.

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