Mekong Giant Banana

Musa xi Mekong Giant

With our moist summer weather this year, the bananas have grown amazingly well.  Here’s our clump of Musa ‘Mekong Giant’ in the garden.  While it hasn’t grown taller than Musa basjoo, it spreads like no other bananas we’ve tried, making a huge tropical-looking mass. There are few better ways to add a tropical touch to your garden than with a hardy banana.

2 thoughts on “Mekong Giant Banana”

  1. I have a clump of musa basjoo against the front on my house in zone 6A in NJ for over 10 years and not only does it scream tropical but is better than using house numbers when providing directions. I planted Mekong Giant this spring and will let you know how it makes it through winter.

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