More new garden construction here at Juniper Level

2014 9249 Ghse 8 bed construction

Here’s our latest new garden construction at Juniper Level Botanic Garden.  We’re clearing out an entire hedge of giant Nellie Stevens hollies behind the Open House sales greenhouses and replacing them with a more diverse and intricate planting.  All of our beds are composed of a soil mix that we make: 50% native soil and 50% compost.  It’s soil preparation like that makes plants grow so well and so insanely fast.  It’s our goal to have this project completed by our next open house in February.

4 thoughts on “More new garden construction here at Juniper Level”

  1. Family members have just moved to Raleigh, so we’re looking forward to visiting during the Winter open days in 2015 — probably March 6-8. Haven’t been since 1999, so expecting not to recognize the place! Whether this newest garden is ready or not I imagine it’ll need more than one day to properly take in everything at JLBG.

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