New PDN/JLBG Family Members

Jake and Elwood (A Avent) (2) Jake and Elwood (A Avent)

The Christmas season brought us two early gifts…new additions to the PDN/JLBG family….the twins, Jake and Elwood.  They were abandoned as young kittens and discovered swimming toward swimmers in the nearby Cape Fear river, where they were rescued and nursed back to health.  With their early life adventures outdoors, they seem content to spend the next stage of their life indoors…who can blame them.  So far, they are the source of endless entertainment, as Anita captured so well in these images.

15 thoughts on “New PDN/JLBG Family Members”

  1. Who is more fortunate? You guys blessed with new kitties or the kitties who now get to live in a gorgeous garden – even if they only observe it through the windows.
    My youngest dog spent at least 10 days living in the late fall rain – or so the neighbors reported– as a pup before adopting me. Now, 5 years later, if there is a hint of rain in the air he is happy to spend the day inside.

  2. Those boys have beautiful markings!! Brown Tabbies, like Red (Orange) Tabbies, have very sweet dispositions. What a lucky break for all of you! I can hardly envision little kittens (they must have been little!) swimming for help. If someone dumped them there is a special circle in Hell reserved just for them and their vicious ilk!!!!!

  3. Jake and Elwood may be The Blue’s Brothers but when they came to live with you they left ‘the blues’ behind.Lucky kitties and lucky Avent’s.

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