Ode to Rohdea

We just love Rohdea, Japanese sacred lilies, and our collection is a showstopper in the winter garden. The winter fruit display adds yet another attractive element to these evergreen perennials. Here’s a clump of Rohdea japonica ‘Taiyoden’ in late December.

Rohdea japonica ‘Taiyoden’

8 thoughts on “Ode to Rohdea”

  1. Will you have ‘Taiyoden’ available for sale in the future? Also, do the variegated Tohdea grow and multiply more slowly than all green ones?

  2. Katherine Wagner-Reiss

    Lovely. Do you know what ‘Taiyoden’ means? I’d always love to know the translations of the non-English cultivar names, sometimes it is hard to figure them out. Thank you for these wonderful blog posts and photos.

  3. I have admired this plant every time I visit the garden. I would so like to have some in my own garden. Can’t find it anywhere online. Will you have it for sale anytime soon?

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