variegated evergreens

Magnolia virginiana 'Mattie Mae Smith'

Mattie Mae Smith – the Striped Magnolia

Back in 1999, we were thrilled to have Alabama magnoliaphile, Dr. John Allen Smith, of Chunchula, Alabama, stop by JLBG on his way to the International Magnolia convention. We never dreamed this would be the last time we’d ever speak, as he passed away a few months later of a brain aneurysm at age 63.

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Iron Clad Hybrids

Up until a couple of years ago, we could find no literature detailing any hybrids in the cast iron plant genus, Aspidistra. With our extensive in-ground collection, we had begun noticing seedlings that were obvious hybrids, so we began first by confirming that both the flowers and foliage showed signs of being intermediate between both

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Murakumo Nishiki

The lovely variegated evergreen shrub, Fatsia japonica ‘Murakumo Nishiki’, is really looking fabulous now, as we move into fall. The commercial availability of this woody ivy relative, has been a bit sparse, but hopefully propagation protocols will continue to improve. There are so few cuttings per plant that the only real answer for better availability

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Century Plants – it’s all about the teeth

Introducers of new century plant selections are challenged with coming up with appropriate cultivar names, often have a propensity to use wordplay, referring to the agaves spiny teeth. Two favorites, we photographed this week are below, Agave titanota ‘Snaggletooth’ (top), and Agave titanota ‘Sabertooth Tiger’ (bottom). Both are mutations of the same original plant, the

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