Pouring over another Pitcher

We grow quite a few sarracenia (pitcher plants) from seed, with only the very best (most unique and most vigorous) getting planted in the ground for further trials. Through the decades, we’ve only had a few that we eventually found worthy of a name. Below is a photo taken this week of a newly selected Sarracenia purpurea hybrid, that we’ve named Sarracenia ‘Fire Chief’. This almost certainly has genes from Sarracenia leucophylla. Later this year, we’ll chop into the plant to start propagation, so we can share.

Sarracenia ‘Fire Chief’

2 thoughts on “Pouring over another Pitcher”

  1. It is my understanding that Sarracenia purpurea requires less direct sunlight per day (~5 hours) that non-purpurea, which I believe need 7+hours per day. Do you know if your hybrid will thrive with less sunlight than typically needed? Thank you.

    1. I checked with our sarracenia guru, Patrick McMillan, and he says that Sarracenia purpurea requires less light because it is prostrate, allowing it to pick up more sunlight simply because of its pitcher orientation. Most of the hybrids have more upright foliage, so they will not thrive in less than 7 hours of full sun.

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