Scenes from Juniper Level Botanic Garden

2015 9249 alpine garden toward north

Here’s today’s view of our first alpine berm garden installed in 1997.  Even within a small space, you can have incredible plant diversity.  One of the many features you’ll enjoy when you visit Juniper Level Botanic Garden during one of our open days.

2015 9249 Southwest patio toward deck combo


Here’s a vignette from our Southwestern garden, which gives the feel of a Southern California landscape.2015 9249 sunken garden toward northeastHere is one of our rain gardens that captures 5 acres of water runoff from both nursery irrigation as well as surface runoff.  This makes a perfect place to grow many of the water iris (Louisianas and blue flag) which are in flower now, soon to be followed by the Japanese iris.


2 thoughts on “Scenes from Juniper Level Botanic Garden”

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  2. Sherrie Royce

    Have ordered some awesome stuff from plants delight I love that place I always wanted to visit from Tallahassee . Tony the owner did a seminar here in Tallahassee one year I went to it very interesting .Learned A lot about how they find their plants it was great .

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