Stephanotis kissin’ cousin

Cynanchum ascyrifolium is first cousin to the popular wedding flower, stephanotis. Despite it’s ease of growth in the garden, and hardiness to Minnesota, it’s always been a poor seller. We wanted to share the photo of our 2′ tall x 3′ wide clump taken last week in the garden. We could be persuaded to propagate again…if enough of you show an interest.

27 thoughts on “Stephanotis kissin’ cousin”

  1. Teresa C Orton

    Count me in! I’m always looking for perennials that can tolerate our Zone 8a sun and humidity, keep it’s form, and put on a pretty show.

  2. Jere Noerager

    Looks like a lovely plant. I would purchase some! (Assuming it’ll take Houston’s Zone 9a heat & humidity.)

  3. Dear Tony and Anita,
    I would be tickled to death it you propagated this again
    I’ll take 5 plants!!
    My horticultural mentor and an early proponent of the Sun Heated Pit (outside of Boston, MA) loved it dearly and shared hers with me. It has been divided and spread among gardens here in NH, but I never thought of taking it to NC.
    I shall divide it up here if you do not get the interest you need.
    This is very exciting!!
    Margaret Zimmermann

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