Stick out your tongue fern and say, Ah-ha

We’re several years into an experiment to see how well the epiphytic (grow mostly on trees) tongue ferns of the genus Pyrrosia fare in hanging, moss-lined baskets when left outdoors all year. This is our coldest winter to date since the test began, with a low of 11 degrees F. Here is a photo of one of those baskets taken today. They were not protected in any way during the cold. We have 17 clones on trial in this manner, and some do show a bit of foliar damage, while others are untouched. We think it’s quite amazing to have evergreen hanging baskets of live plants that can remain outdoors here in Zone 7b.

Pyrrosia lingua ‘Kaeru Tei’

4 thoughts on “Stick out your tongue fern and say, Ah-ha”

  1. When my wife of 40+ years hands me a ‘honey do list’ she often says, “Don’t forget, and don’t give me any tongue!” So as a present I gave her Pyrrosia lingua ‘Corymbifera’, Pyrrosia lingua ‘Alabama Gold’ and Pyrrosia hastata ‘Stormwatch’. Now she can give the hanging baskets she loves, a real ‘tongue lashing’, and this will take some of the heat off of me!
    Thanks Tony!

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