native wildlife

Bobcat prints on the greenhouse plastic

Who goes there?

To paraphrase the late Carl Sandburg, “The fog comes on big cat feet. It sits on the greenhouse on silent haunches and then moves on.” Sure enough, we arrived at work last week to discover that a bobcat had traversed the top of one of our greenhouses. Through the years, we’ve had several animals that

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Southern ring-neck snake

Sneakily Ringing in the New Year

Working outside last weekend, I unknowingly uncovered this Southern ring-neck snake (Diadophis punctatus), who I’m sure was trying to stay warm. These cute snakes have one of the largest distributions of any North American native snake, ranging from Canada south to Florida. As many snakes as I’ve run across, I can’t specifically remember spotting one

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Gold Anole

Carolina anoles are our most prolific garden pet, occurring by the thousands in our garden. It’s rare that a garden photography session doesn’t include several anole shots. Carolina anoles are the only North American lizard with the ability to change color…usually ranging from green through brown. Despite being studied for years, researchers still have no

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