Taiwan Table Fern

Looking divine in the garden is the giant Taiwan table fern, Pteris wallichiana ‘Hualien Giant’. This originated from our 2008 expedition in Hualien County at 7,900′ elevation, and has performed amazingly well in moist, compost amended soil, in light shade. In the wild, it reached almost 8′ tall, but our plant so far has only reached 3-4′, but it’s bulking up nicely.

Pteris wallichiana ‘Hualien Giant’

3 thoughts on “Taiwan Table Fern”

    1. Light shade, with no direct sun, except perhaps very early morning. It should be fine in Zone 9a.

  1. Sandra Kellum

    Thank you for your identification and explanation of this fern. I saw it while walking in your gardens a year or two ago, and thought it was magnificent.

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