The Glandorf Roses

Here are the first of the ever expanding group of Helleborus x glandorfensis, opening this week. The Glandorf roses are made from crosses of Helleborus niger and Helleborus x ericsmthii. Unlike Helleborus x hybridus, these all have outfacing flowers, and are completely sterile. These are just a few of the hundreds of hellebores that will be blooming during our upcoming Open Garden and Nursery days, Feb. 23-25 and March 1-3, 2024.

Helleborus x glandorfensis ‘Ice n’ Roses White’

Helleborus x glandorfensis ‘Ice n’ Roses Rosado’

1 thought on “The Glandorf Roses”

  1. I purchased two of these from PDN a few years ago and they have bloomed every winter since. I have the white and the red and both started blooming about two weeks ago. Their leaves are huge and seem larger than my other hellebore leaves.

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