Conjuring up a Conger

I can honestly say that no plant perfumes the garden better than the amazing Osmanthus fragrans ‘Conger Yellow’. We currently grow nine cultivars of tea olive, but none can hold a candle to the fragrance of this yellow-flowered clone. Anyone visiting the garden in September/October is dazzled by the fragrance from up to 200′ away…a feat that no other plant can match. Our 20 year old specimen is truly a sight and fragrance to behold.

Osmanthus fragrans ‘Conger Yellow’

7 thoughts on “Conjuring up a Conger”

  1. Thanks for this post about ‘Conger Yellow’ Osmanthus. Here in Virginia’s zone 7a I have grown Osmanthus x fortune for years and love the fragrance. Recently I have begun trying my hand at some of the Osmanthus fragrans, so I’m always on the lookout for hardier-than-usual cultivars. Is ‘Conger Yellow’ similar in hardiness to O.f. thunbergii? Or ‘Clemson Yellow”? Do you think these are different from each other or just different names for the same plant? Lastly, do you have any idea where I might be able to purchase O.f. ‘Conger Yellow’? Also, I’m not expected you to post this. I’m just curious.

    1. That’s a very good questions, and I’m afraid we don’t have a concrete answer since we don’t trust much of the plant information we find on-line. We do know that it’s native in parts of China that never drop below 45 degrees F, so that would indicate that it should be fine in tropical climates. It is also listed in the database of Useful Tropical Plants on-line. Hope this helps.

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