Eavesdropping on Amorphophallus

Perhaps you will read this post and decide you have not learned anything, so forgive me in advance. But some occurrences in the garden are just so charming they require nothing more of us than to just enjoy. This photo of a happy family of five voodoo lily flowers caught my attention. They appear to be in conversation, some willingly, others turning their back on the conversation, one even appearing to cover its ears. What would eavesdropping on their conversation reveal? And what the heck is the origin of the word “eavesdropping”? I fell in to that rabbit hole in writing this post. And perhaps they are indeed in conversation. My ignorance of the great mystery and marvel of the plant kingdom proves nothing but my ignorance.

Of course you want to know the identity of the plants in the photo. They are Amorphophallus bulbifer one of many Amorphophallus that are winter-hardy in zone 7. We grow them in the shade gardens here in average soil. The photo was taken on June 13th. The flowers are now faded and their foliage is now developing.

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