Launching Moon Carrots

Although our focus is primarily on longer term perennials, we just can’t resist growing and sharing one of the coolest plants we know, moon carrot. Seseli gummiferum hails from Crimea, Turkey, and the Agean Islands. This crazy plant has silver grey foliage that resembles an artemisia, but the spikey carrot-like flowers, just opening this week, reveal its true identity as a member of the carrot (Apiaceae) family. Although it’s short-lived, usually only 2-3 years, we still feel this unique plant has a place in the dry, sun garden.

Seseli gummiferum

2 thoughts on “Launching Moon Carrots”

  1. Katherine Wagner-Reiss

    Striking and unusual plant! When I see “ferum” in a plant name, I always rush to see what it is “bearing.”
    Any noticeably gummy parts in this S. gummiferum ? Your daily photos/postings always brighten my day—TY!

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