Lemping Liara!

The latest new group of lenten roses are the Helleborus x lemperii hybrids. These are crosses, long thought to be impossible, between Helleborus niger and Helleborus x hybridus. The first variety, H. ‘Walberton’s Rosemary’ was introduced in 2012 as Helleborus x lemonnierae, but the name was too confusing with the cultivar, Helleborus ‘Madame Lemonnier’, so the nothospecies name was changed to H. x lemperii. Helleborus ‘Liara’ is the fourth named clone from this cross, and it’s an amazing one. We measured the flowers below at just under 4″, which is one of the largest flowered hellebores we’ve ever seen. In addition, all of the Helleborus x lemperii hybrids are sterile. We think you’ll really enjoy this new gem.

Helleborus x lemperii ‘Liara’

2 thoughts on “Lemping Liara!”

  1. ‘Liara’ is beautiful! When does she start blooming (perhaps earlier than traditional Lenten roses?) Do the plants have the vigor and ease of care of traditional Lenten roses or are they slower and a bit fussier like the nigers? What do the leaves look like?

  2. I didn’t know this new cultivar until I saw it in bloom this week and the photo exactly captures its clear pink color. Just gorgeous!

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