More Roses of Lenten

New colors of Helleborus x hybridus are opening daily, so here are a few shots from the garden today, showing the incredible range of colors that are available. We hope you can join us for our upcoming Winter Open Nursery and Garden and enjoy these in person.

7 thoughts on “More Roses of Lenten”

  1. So beautiful! I had high hopes for mine, but alas no blooms again. Even after hard freezes the last three years here in Houston, no flowers. The foliage is a very nice contrast under a live oak so I keep them.

    1. Evidently, you simply aren’t getting enough winter chill hours. Having a single or a couple of cold events isn’t enough to get the plant to set flower buds. Looking through the horticultural research, I have been unable to find any research that quantifies the specific chilling hours required. Have you tried any of the Helleborus x iburgensis hybrids yet? These use two species with the lowest chilling requirements (H. lividus and H. niger), so they could be the answer for warmer winter climates like Houston.

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