Sinister Arum

We love the foliage of the winter growing arums. Here’s an image we just captured of the beautiful Arum sintensii ‘Sinister’. This selection is from the collection of the late Alan Galloway. Native to damp shade as well as open woodland conditions on Cyprus, Arum sintenisii is named after German botanist Paul Ernst Emil Sintenis. We’ve only dropped to 25 degrees F. so far, so the foliage looks great. We typically see foliage burn below 10 degrees F, but it quickly regrows.

Arun sintensii ‘Sinister’ foliage

1 thought on “Sinister Arum”

  1. We actually went down to 20 a few days ago here near Asheville but my Arum did not suffer. They are such a wonderful plant for the Winter garden. Mine is a variegated form (received unnamed), so beautiful next to Cyclamen hederifolium and Helleborus niger which right now has large white buds showing. Some snowdrops are scattered between them and later in Spring Leucojum vernum will join the scene. It’s a thrill to find flowering plants in Winter.

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