Genista in full flower today

Genista sagitalis in flower2



The amazing Balkan native Genista saxitalis is in full flower today.  This amazing groundcover has been brightening our rock garden for a couple of weeks.  Genista is easy to grow with plenty of sun…hardiness is Zone 4a-8b.

2 thoughts on “Genista in full flower today”

  1. Maggie Labouisse

    Tony, is this related to that tall, brushy plant Scotch Broom? I ask because the French-English Royal family, the House of Plantagenet, supposedly were called that because one of the early dukes of Anjou was nicknamed that, presumably because he used the Scotch Broom or Common Broom flower as his emblem. The Latin name for Common Broom was, at that time, Planta Genesta, now Genista. It’s hard to see the pea family similarity in these blooms, but the yellow is wonderful!

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